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Watch the musicMagpie app in action and see just how easy it is to make fast cash for your CDs, DVDs, Games and Tech! Available on Android and iPhone.

MusicMagpie Review - Sell your Stuff Online

If you've got stuff to sell and live in the UK, then get a quote from MusicMagpie. They buy CD, DVDs, games, phones and even household electronic gadgets.

musicMagpie - Couch Potato TV Advert

Magpie pops round Tom's house and helps him sort his clutter out faster than you can inappropriately shout BELTER! Get the musicMagpie app and start ...

iPhone 6s Plus Review: The Best S Model Yet

This is the new iPhone. 2015 being an S year, it's a lot like the old iPhone – but with a new operating system and the biggest interface uprade in Apple's history, ...

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How to sell or swap your books to other students or neighbours in 30 seconds?

Wecinity is a simple solution to buy, sell or swap your used or new books with cash, free, in exchange of any other product, and even any service, via a mobile ...

Decluttr - Make Room Make Money

Decluttr allows you to send in used CDs, DVDs, or video games for cash. It's simple: just enter or scan the barcode of your items and we'll give you the value.

CouchPotato App for Android

You don't have to sweat to burn your calories. Use CouchPotatoApp for android to track and record couch potato activities. Download now from the Android ...

VoucherCloud app - Appys 2012 nominee

With the UK's most popular mobile voucher app you'll get amazing savings at your favourite restaurants, cafes, bars, leisure venues and shops -- helping you to ...

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